How Tyre Traction Works
Tyre Traction

I'm sure that everyone would agree about the importance of tyres on our cars. The car is responsible for getting us to places, much in the same way a horse and cart, wagons and trains can get us to where we are going. Whereas a horse and train are useful in moving an obstacle with wheels forwards, specifically in the direction you want to go, what governs a car is traction.

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What are Environmentally Friendly Tyres?
Environmental Tyres

Is it possible to purchase tyres that are eco-friendly?  Here at MT Car and Commercial we are happy to say that it is!

Everyone knows that tyres are made from rubber (more specifically, they are made from a mix of synthetic rubber of polymer plastic, and natural rubber from rubber producing plants), and almost everyone understands that rubber is not considered eco-friendly. 

As it decomposes it causes harm, and the very process of manufacturing rubber can also release pollutants into our atmosphere. As we are a long way off from obtaining cars, even brand-new bought vehicles, without the use of rubber, it is still clear that this is the best material for the job.  

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Tyre Marks Explained
How To Rate My Tyres

The average driver will have car tyres replaced many times. For most of us, this is something that happens with the MOT. The mechanic tells you that the tread has worn down on one of the tyres and it needs replacing. This is a fairly common occurrence. 

Tyres will, on average, last about 20,000 miles, though the back tyres are likely to last a bit longer than this. This can vary dependent on the quality of the tyre, the roads you drive on, how you drive, and if the wheels are balanced. Many drivers wonder ‘how to rate my car tyres’?

But if you were to look closer, you would see writing on the side of your tyre.  Next time you leave the house, take a look.  This writing is a series of letters and numbers that you probably never thought about, but it can tell you a lot about a car.

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Mixing Car Tyres: Yes or No?
Can You Mix Car Tyres

One of the most common questions our technicians are asked here at MT Car & Commercial is, “Can you mix car tyres, or do all four have to be the same?” 

These customers may reason that they mix brands of fuel from different filling stations, or perhaps they have seen vehicles with mismatched panels after accident repair.  Why should tyres be any different?

The facts are that mixing car tyres can be something of a minefield, so let’s explore why drivers might want to use mismatched tyres on their vehicle, when it’s ok to do so, and when it isn’t.

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