Car & Vehicle Diagnostic Service

MT CAR AND COMMERCIAL cater for all types of vehicles when it comes to diagnosing problems with them.

If you are unsure what the problem with your car is or the Managment Light has come on, then bring your vehicle to us and we will find out what the problem is.

Vehicle Diagnostics Oldbury

Here are some of the things that we can do for you:

  • Injector Coding
  • Electronic Brake Caliper Retraction
  • Resetting the Managment Light
  • Fault Code Reading
  • Service Light Resetting
  • BMW Service Managment Light Resetting

 If you have any questions regarding this or you would like to book an appointment then please call 0121  544 7488

If you had told the mechanics of yesteryear that there would soon be cars which told you when there was something wrong, they would have looked at you as if you were crazy!  Fortunately, many cars now come with electronic diagnostics systems which help us to find faults on your vehicle and repair them, and we can pass the benefits of this process on to you.  Where can I find a car diagnostic near me?

When you bring your vehicle to MT Car & Commercial for a car diagnostic test, Oldbury technicians can plug in computer equipment and can quickly tell you what is wrong.  Sometimes, we even find problems drivers haven’t noticed yet, and we can put things right before any damage is done.

The sensors in your car will generate a fault code when something isn’t right.  By fault code reading Oldbury mechanics can go straight to the root of the problem.  There is no need to play guessing games, or waste money on unnecessary repairs.  We can repair your car quickly and cheaply, and pass the savings on to you.

What are some of the possible malfunctions which are covered by vehicle diagnostics?  Oldbury mechanics keep a list of the most common problems on many models of car.

At every vehicle diagnostic test, Oldbury motorists can be sure that their cars will be checked over thoroughly.  We start with engine diagnostics to ensure the heart of the vehicle is beating strongly, before moving on to full car diagnostics to find other hidden faults.  We can also perform diagnostic-related tasks including service light resetting, injector coding and electronic brake caliper retraction – even the tricky BMW service management light resetting task.

When they see us resetting the management light Oldbury drivers know that repairs are complete and their vehicle is ready to go.  Contact us to book in for a vehicle check-up.

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